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Things that have drastically improve my life. Feel free to try these methods:

1. *Sleep naked.* Just do it. Even if you are uncomfortable with the idea, do it. You may like it. Breezy.

2. *Laugh at your damn self.* Nobody cares THAT much about you that they take everything you say so seriously, so stop clamming up in social conversations when you made a stupid.

3. *Ice cream sandwiches.* The key to heaven, and possibly stomach cancer if you get the Wal-Mart kind. You can eat like 40 of them, but that’s only 2600 calories no big, you just ate your entire calorie requirement for the day and you did it in cream. Nice!

4. *Fast food is gas food.* It may be delicious, but don’t eat it. I would say Subway is okay, but anything made in a deep fryer will make your tummy and mind sick. Go eat those ice cream sandwiches instead.

5. *Put on an entire Harry Potter marathon and don’t watch it.* Just leave it as background noise while you’re doing something else. Music is pretty great, and it feels less lonely on lonesome days.

7. *Do something.* Learn a new skill while that Potter plot plays. Like, learn how to alliterate things!

8. *Easy on the drugs.* It’s only borrowing happiness from tomorrow.

9. *Spend time with friends.* You don’t even need plans. Being in each other’s company is comforting enough. Good times, laughs, and hugs.

10. *Tale chances.* It’s scary, especially after that 15th ice cream sandwich, or say the things that may make you shy away. You’re not awkward. You’re not stupid. You’re not crazy. But you all think you are. SO STAHP. No matter what shape your butt is, how big a nose you have, or that tiny bald spot on the back of your foot, you’re a pretty amazing person, and I hope it doesn’t take you as long as I did to figure that out. I still kind of am, and I have my days- we all do. But for the most party I’m happy. I am myself, I am comfortable with who I’ve become and only want to improve. And the first step? It’s sleeping naked.

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